Napier Park
It is a place available for outdoor entertainment purposes where residents of Argostoli gather during night and day.
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Napier Park

The Napier Gardens in Argostoli are named after General Sir Charles James Napier, (1978 – 1853) a British governor of Kefalonia. Napier Gardens contain a wide variety of trees in the heart of Argostoli and offer a romantic moment for every visitor.

A part of the city full of trees which is surrounded by walls of traditional Kefalonian type. In the park, there are pebble-lined aisles all around and in its centre and even though it is considered a small park, one can find a wide variety of trees.

What makes Napier’s park mostly known today is the memorial which one can find in it. The name Napier is in honor of the British administrator who, in the 19th century was responsible for many of the infrastructure works, which still exist today, serving the needs of the area.

After a long period of abandonment, today the park has been completely restored and thus regained quite a big part of its former glory, enabling long walks as well as the picturesque entertainment centre which was in it before the earthquake.

After the extension of the walls and the pebbled aisles in the whole area, the bright lighting and the construction of the old entertainment centre, Napier’s garden has become quite an astonishing contemporary park.



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