Unravel the secrets of the Kefalonian wines
Indulge your taste buds and savor epic indigenous wines with ancient origins. It's the soil!
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Unravel the secrets of the Kefalonian wines

” … and when Kephalos settled on the island at the end of his travels, he brought with him the vine, that plant that is blessed by Dionysos, and thus won over the land, the heart and the soul of the Cephalonians”.

Kefalonia has a long tradition and fame in wine making.  Even Homer, the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey epic poems, refers that Kefalonian wines were already well- known at the time of Trojan wars.

Viniculture plays a very important role to the island’s economy. The climatic conditions and the variety of grapevines strengthen the production of fine wines and many labels thrive.
There are three zones for regional wines:  The slopes of Ainos in Omala Valley (white and red), Metaxata in Livatho (red) and Mantzavinata on Paliki peninsula (white, rose and red). These zones produce high quality wines of differing varieties.

Kefalonia boasts three appellations of origin: Robola, Muscat and Mavrodaphne, while several local wineries use five white and two red grape varieties.

On the limestone soil at the foothills of mount Ainos, grows the unique, indigenous vine species, robola. With its fruits, the locals produce the famous Robola wine, a fine white wine with protected designation of origin.  Its characteristic bouquet is that of citrus blossoms, peaches, lime and apple. A deliciously crisp and fruity wine, that accompanies best fish dishes and local delicacies.

Mavrodaphne is a sweet red wine distinguished by its deep red colour and ripe cherry and wild berry flavours. The wine has good tannins, is full-bodied with a long aftertaste and matures well. It can be served as a sweet dessert wine.

Muscat is a sweet red wine produced in certain communities on the Paliki peninsula but this variety is not widely cultivated. The grapes are sun-dried and the bouquet of the wine has varietal characteristics.

Visit the Kefalonian Robola Producers cooperative in Omala area,  the largest wine making corporation in the island that vinifies almost the 70% of robola grapes produced annually.  For a complete wine tour of Kefalonia, visit also Gentilini boutique winery in Minies, Metaxas wine estate in Mavrata village, Divino Winery in Pessada, Fivos winery in Paliki area, Vitoratos winery in Mantzavinata village and Sclavos winery in Kehriona village.

Enjoy glass after glass of perfectly balanced reds, whites, and rosés. Cheers!


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