Love is in the air
Live your romance in scenic settings and relish the dvinity of nature painting the nightfall in unique colors.
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Love is in the air

Love nestles in infinite blue and mind blowing sunsets.
Everybody must have watched movies where lovers ride into the sunset! Here is where you and your other half can live that myth.” Could time stop here and now?”… this would be probably the thought of lovebirds, enjoying their romance in seclusion among dramatic landscapes in Kefalonia.

Light up your romance in St Theodoron or Gero Gobos lighthouses. A romantic evening with a special view on your sight while the sunset, the sea breeze and their unique architecture will charm you.

Even a nice promenade along the town’s or villages’ waterfronts while enjoying the sea view, the sailing boats and the mooring fish boats would thrill you.

Relish the divinity of nature painting the nightfall in unique colours. Exquisite scenery for the two of you, watching the sunset at world-famous beaches and legend-inspiring bays, embraced by rocks and lush greenery.

Live your romance in the scenic setting of Fiskardo.  Stroll around the narrow alleys among old-styled Venetian mansions and experience how it used to be: Nostalgic. Quintessential. Unconditional!


A variety of local products that are known for their quality, taste and uniqueness.

assos kefalonia

One of the most beautiful and picturesque villages of the island.

lixouri 2

Meet a different aspect of the island lifestyle and mentality, in Lixouri town.

The village of Fiscardo seems to be part of a dreamy landscape.