Go Have Some Fun!
A wealth of choices to have fun day and night in the unique island spirit.
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Go Have Some Fun!

Get closer from dawn till dusk!

During one’s vacation, spending the day at the beach and the night in a club or a beach party, following fine dining at a restaurant is the usual option, and Kefalonia has a wide spectrum of choices in those terms.

As it is inherent in this land of diversities, you can find alternative ways to have quality fun times day and night, offered in abundance from the locals’ spirit as well as from the gifts of nature. Lounge in a beach bar with nice music and the waves breaking at your feet, with a view to unique natural phenomena or to the Ionian Sea charm.

Meet the vivid spirit of the islanders. Join an outdoors festival, with pleasant traditional music and lively, non – stop circle dances, the locals will extend their arms to invite you to the party. In August, live the unique experience of listening live music bands performing among the ruins of an old, abandoned village, and reviving it decades after its devastation.

And there is more to come.

Music is in the air, in the culture, even in the way Kefalonians  speak, just feel the vibe of the locals!


A variety of local products that are known for their quality, taste and uniqueness.

assos kefalonia

One of the most beautiful and picturesque villages of the island.

lixouri 2

Meet a different aspect of the island lifestyle and mentality, in Lixouri town.

The village of Fiscardo seems to be part of a dreamy landscape.