Enlighten the spiritual path
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Enlighten the spiritual path

The patron Saint of the island, Saint Gerasimos, has been the source of solace and strength for locals and for pilgrims that arrive to the island to receive his grace. Apart from the patron Saint, the island features a bunch of humble monasteries, worth to visit not only for their religious significance.

On the edge of a solid rocky cliff high above the sea in Palliki area, lays The Monastery of Kipouria. Built in 1759, is still a deeply spiritual site. Worth to mention, the sunsets from the natural balcony in Kipouria are spectacular.

In a landscape of exquisite beauty, 760 m above the sea level, find yourselves in Kefalonia’s oldest monastery, the monastery of Atros. Its name derives from the Greek word “atrotos” which means invulnerable, due to its strategic position. It offers panoramic views to the surrounding islands and the Ionian Sea, initially for protection against the pirates during the early Christian years.

In the villages Markopoulo and Pastra take place two very special phenomena, that the locals consider them to be miracles by the Virgin Mary. In Markopoulo village, from August 6 through 15, harmless little snakes with cross-like signs on their foreheads appear in and out of the Dormition of Virgin Mary Church and are believed to bring good luck. In Pastra village on the other hand, the lilies that decorate the icon of Panagia Gravaliotissas bloom for second time through the year.

In the village of Peratata, in the area of ​​Livathos, stands one of the oldest monasteries of Kefalonia, that of St. Andrew of “Milapidia”. Its name comes from the tree “Milapidia”, a crossing of apple trees and pear trees, which thrives at this point. The monastery hosts the sacred relic of Apostle Andrew’s paw. The monastery is celebrated on November 30, the day of the memory of Apostle Andrew. There is also a Museum, which was founded in 1988.

The importance of religion for the local community is grand and everyone celebrates in the religious festivals.


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