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Surrounded by dense forestry, slope down to another miracle of nature in Kefalonia’s subterranean world and let your footsteps guide you to the cave of the nymphs.

Surrounded by water springs, this legend-inspiring bay of unrivaled beauty forms a dramatic scenery in all shades of blue as it emerges in your sight, embraced by rocks in lush greenery.

Have you ever imagined you could fly over one of the best beaches in the world?

A wealth of turquoise blue gems that are still to be discovered, lies hidden below steep hills and lush trails along the reach coastline of the island.

Elderly people with melodic voices can be found in Lithostroto singing in groups, entertaining the people surrounding them just because they love to do so.

Discover underwater beaches, caves and canyons and enjoy a whole new world of stunning beauty and absolute silence appearing before your eyes.

Sing, dance and be part of the traditional festivities that take place every year at summer

Take a religious tour and get inspired at humble yet spiritual monasteries

The last sight you see before drifting off makes you marvel at the immensity of the universe and the beauty of those sparkling glimmers of light.

Pleasure a unique gastronomic experience by the sea with the freshest fish from the Ionian waters. a vast variety of appetizers, local mezedes and delicious salads complete by a great selection of local wines, at various restaurants and taverns in Fiskardo.

Anything your heart desires can be found in the quaint little taverns that are scattered around the various villages of Kefalonia.

Indulge your taste buds and savor epic indigenous wines with ancient origins. It’s the soil!

The Kefalonia Open Air Film Festival | Cinema by the Sea

Live your romance in scenic settings and relish the dvinity of nature painting the nightfall in unique colors.

A wealth of choices to have fun day and night in the unique island spirit.

Trace a mosaic of realms and cultures through the centuries.

Christmas is celebrated in different ways around the world, varying by country and region. It’s about time to learn a little bit more about the Christmas traditions in Kefalonia. You have to know the customs and traditions of a place to…

Tease your palate with the unique taste of local culinary delights and sweet treats!

The unexpected awaits to be explored above… and below the sea level!

Hike your path through the tallest mountain of the island, a National Park of unique spendour, providing shelter to rare and one-of-a-kind species of flora and fauna in a scenery of untamed beauty.