Every year the Municipality of Kefallonia and in particular  K.E.DI.KE in cooperation with the island carriers are organizing multitude Carnival events in which give the opportunity to  young and old carnival members to participate and have fun.

The celebration of the custom of Pancake Day, the local carnival parades, the game of treasure and of course the great Carnival parade on Sunday, where  the whole island participate and dance to frenetic rhythms of the carnival are indicative of some of them.

Finally the Clean Monday with the traditional “koulouma”, who celebrated throughout the island with the organization of events and the participation of cultural and dance associations.



Separately folk customs and solemn religious events found Easter in Kefallonia. The Holy Week is celebrating with solemnity where all the

Faithful present with reverence to the beautiful churches on the island. The Palm Sunday, the procession of the Epitaph, breaking “Stamna” in Cobblestone, the Resurrection on the main square and the churches of the villages, the baking of lamb in connection with theatrical performances and a wide range of cultural happenings make the celebration of Easter in Kefallonia.

May day

May Day is celebrated with events in central squares of the island with the participation of dance and cultural associations.

Flowers and crafts exhibitions are organized and bolder celebrate the first day of May making their first swim in the sea.

Cultural summer

A modern and flexible tourism policy can only be directed to the promotion of tradition combined with contemporary cultural creation, with specific objectives the promotion of cultural continuity, fun, entertainment, experiential knowledge that can be sensed with the active participation of locals and tourists in cultural events.

To achieve this ambitious policy every year  organized various events on the island of Cephalonia during the summer months, aimed at viewing the Ionian tradition of local cultural creation of cultural syncretism and aspects of contemporary culture, elements that  constituting at the singular and enviable civilization.

These events involve both traditional cultural associations and artists of the island and artistic shapes and missions from various parts of Greece and Europe. In particular, the cultural summer ‘puzzle’ of Kefalonia, compose with great success traditional serenades and “peratzades” in Cobblestone, the concerts of barcarolle, philharmonics schools of Kefalonia, the People’s Culture Week, festivals with live music and traditional dances along with concerts by famous artists, music festivals, summer film festivals, art exhibitions and theatrical performances.

  • Fair Robola.
  • Serenades.
  • Barcarolle.
  • Saristra Festival.
  • SeaNema Festival.
  • The feast of St. John the Lampadiaris combined with the revival of traditional marriage.


The lighting of the Christmas tree in the central square of Argostoli defines each year the start of Christmas events in the Christmas village, placed every year in Central Square of Argostoli with varied music and dance programs. The programs include numerous cultural, music, dances, and movies in the theater for kids. It is noteworthy that similar events are organized in villages.

Local fairs

Rich in local customs, the island of Kefallonia enables the visitor through events such as festivals to experience the tradition and culture of the island. During the year many festivals take place, where the visitor is given the opportunity not only to enjoy the rich musical and cultural tradition of Kefallonia but also to taste the traditional products and enjoy the local dishes. Typical of the festivals of the island are the participation of Culture and dance clubs.

Sports events

International Festival of Gymnastics “ANNA POLLATOY”.

The Athletic Gymnastics Association of “Eptanison Kefallonia”,since 1988,having patience ,perseverance ,planning and targets ,laid the foundations for advancing gymnastics on the Island. Since then it has established, via athletic exchanges between other gymnastics associations from Greece and abroad the promotion of “Gymnastics for all” having as a result the annual International Festival of Kefallonia. The

Participation of the Municipality of Kefallonia and the Region of Ionian Islands, result in the ever increasing success of the Festival every year. The Festival was renamed in 2014 at the 26th running of International Festival of Gymnastics for All “ANNA POLLATOU” as a minimum tribute to Olympic medalist and athlete A.G.S EPTANISON ANNA POLLATOU who died unfortunately died so prematurely.


In our island conducted statutory popular races of various distances from 2 to 33 km per year and two races in the field comprising various events retrospectively. Specifically organized: The VALLIANEIOS Argostoli (10000m), THE PATH OF THE WIND (8000m) MOUNTAINOYS in Ancona, THE ANTYPEIA (5300m) in Pylaros, THE AKOUATHLON AND ROAD (5000m) in Lourdas THE FΟΚΑΤΑ (5250m) in Fokata, The LASKARATEIOS (7500m) in Lixouri AROUND THINAIAS EARTH (7100m) in Ancona, The KOULOURA (2000m) in Omala ,ΤΗΕ ROUND OF ELIOS OR FWKAIA(8300m) in Valeriano, THE ROUND OF PYRGI (3500m) in Pyrgi The LEIVATHONIOS (5100m ) in Kourkoumelata Lourdas-Trapezaki (2200m) in Lourdas THE ROUND OF Kaminarata (4000m) Kaminarata, RACE ROAD Vilatoria (1500m) in Vilatoria, THE STREET OF KOUNOPETRA (5000m) Kounopetra-Matzavinata, The TILEMACHEIOS (12000m) Poros-Skala,THE ROUND OF  AGROSTOLI- LIXOURI (33000 and 10000m), THE KRANIPATI (17000m and 10000m) in the mountainous region of Kranias and where appropriate  FISKATHLO (5000m) in Fiskardo. While on the court are organized the Tritseia and Vergoteia.

Almost all of the games are supported by volunteers, kilometric indications and appropriate labeling.


One of the most important sporting events of the island of Kefallonia is the organization of the athletics competitions “TRITSEIA” and “VERGOTEIA”.

  1. Racing track of Veterans Athletes “TRITSEIA”.

The Benefit Enterprise of Kefalonia Municipality in cooperation with the Association of Veteran Athletes of racing track and the ANTONIS TRITSIS Foundation organize each year track events in memory of our compatriot ANTONI TRITSI.

  1. Racing Track “VERGOTEIA”.

Every year in the Argostoli Municipal Stadium “Andreas Vergotis” are organized the ‘Vergoteia” track events. The name of the Games from their establishment as VERGOTEIA is a timeless way of gratitude to Vergoti family for the great gifts and benefactions in our Island.

Cycling Tour


The cultural and embellishing association of Poros ”  PRONISOS ” with co-organizer the Cycling Club of Patras, is organizing  the KEFALONIA BIKE CHALLENGE under the auspices of the Municipality of Kefallonia and K.E.DI.KE.. The Kefalonia Bike Challenge is a touristic cycling challenge in our beautiful Kefallonia, where cyclists participants will have to cover the 207.8 km, that is the largest segment of the island in time 13 hours and 30 minutes. This event is not competitive since each cyclist autonomously completes the journey following his/her own rhythm. Winners are ALL those who finish the line on time.