No one can really appreciate the beauty of the island while traveling by car or bike. You have to walk yourself around it, in order to fully understand its beauty.

No one can really appreciate the beauty of the island while traveling by car or bike. You have to walk yourself around it, in order to fully understand its beauty. Let’s discover some its most known and enchanting routes!

Ainos (Antennas) – Megas Soros:
Ainos is the highest mountain in western Greece and the view is one of a kind. Drive up to the antennas in the top of the Mountain and walk to Megas Soros. During that beautiful walk you can see the mountain’s rare plant life and its untouched beauty. If you drive a Jeep, you can enter the dirt road and reach the beginning of the path that leads to Megas Soros. From there and then, it is 20 minutes walk in a low gradient and well-signposted path, which makes it rather easy. The 360ᵒ view will be rewarding every step of yours since you will be seeing every part of the Ionian Sea, the surrounding islands and Peloponnisos. This is definitely the point with the most breathtaking view in the whole island, yet few people know it.

Antisamos Beach – Koutsoupia
Get yourself ready to be charmed from the surrounding environment in Antisamos beach. It is an amazing beach surrounded by vivid green mountains. Equip your backpack and walk the path after the beach, pass through the dense plant life. It’s about 6 km of hard walk, you will need 3 to 3,5 hours to reach the hidden beach Koutsoupia. Your efforts will be paid back, since you will be feeling in another world!

Fanari Circular Walk through pathways
This walk is rather known up to a certain point. Then, less people know it. Walk the main road to Fanari (Lighthouse), pass Katavothres and the Lighthouse until you meet a clearing in the street, which leads to a path. As long as you walk it, keep going by the waterfront. This is a rather hard 5km route but it’s worth it since you will have the chance to admire parts of the coast that few people have seen. The way back begins where the path ends. On your return from the main road, you can visit the Memorial Acqui Division, a Monument to the Italian soldiers.

Drapanitika – Assos: The hike starts from the old village of Drapanitika and through the beautiful village of Assos, continues to the peninsula with the Venetian Castle. An area adorned with pine trees and cypresses, beautiful view, steep cliffs and deep blue sea. The castle was built on this strategic point in 1593 for defensive reasons. It is a typical sample of the Venetian fortification technique. This is an easy walk in a beautiful area full of natural beauties and signs of the past.

Agios Eleftherios – Agrapidies: Walk through a part of the National Forest of Ainos. The major length of this easy hike is through a dirt road and another small part of it on a path. The high altitude and the kefalonian fir forest compose a breathtaking scenery. The view is really unique.

Koulourata – Sami: Starting point is the village of Koulourata, most of the walk is on a dirt road and an approximately 2km distance on a path. Pass through the old village of Mouzakata (where we can still see the remains of the village that was destroyed in World War II), and the old villages of Grizata and Zervata that had been devastated by the 1953 earthquake. At the beginning of this rather easy hike, enjoy the view of the mountain core of Kefalonia and towards the end, watch the gulf of Sami and Aghia Efimia from above.

Themata – Karavomilos: Most of the walk goes through a dirt road with few parts of asphalt. Begin from the Monastery of Themata which is built on a beautiful spot in the Mountain Agia Dynati. Continue our walk through Vlachata, an old village with ruins from the earthquake of 1953. Keep on walking through Poulata and catch a glimpse of the residents’ everyday life. Give yourself the chance to see some of the lake caves of Kefalonia, before reaching Karavomylos bay. This is an easy walk.

Monodendri – Chaliotata: Explore the mountainous core of Kefalonia starting from Monodendri village. The deserted scenery gradually changes to green mountains with a panoramic view towards all the directions of the island. The whole route is on a dirt road. Don’t miss to visit the aeolic park of Evmorfia at the highest point of the road. Pass through a small canyon towards the end and arrive at the village of Chaliotata. This is a long hike timewise, but not that difficult except a few parts.

Antisamos – Poros : Starting from Antisamos beach and ending at Poros, walk through the most distant part of Kefalonia (SE). The greatest part of the route is a narrow path under the tree shadow. Some open spaces offer view towards Ithaca and the east. Half way of the hike we meet Koutsoupia, a beautiful beach with crystal blue water. The last part of the walk is on a dirt road. That is our hardest walk not only because of the long distance, but also because of the partly difficult path.




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